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Test Chart for 2 and 3 Stage Pumps
Model Gauge-A Gauge-B AMPS H.P. Stages
FP2D 15 to 20 24 to 30 5.0 1/2 2
JP2D 20 to 25 25 to 30 6.3 3/4 2
KP2D 22 to 25 28 to 32 7.5 1 2
LP2D 22 to 25 30 to 34 9.0 1-1/2 2
KP3D 22 to 25 42 to 48 7.5 1 3
LP3D 22 to 25 55 to 60 9.0 1-1/2 3
MP3D 22 to 25 71 to 76 12.0 2 3
Above test made at ZERO tank pressure
and 220-vt.
If pump is operation on 110-vt.
double the AMPS reading
NORMAL OPERATION:  If pump is operation normaly, use chart at top of page and use gauges as illsstrated. For example - a 1-hp KP2D at no tank presher, the Gauge-A should read from 22 to 25 inches in vacuum and the Gauge-B should read from 28 to 32 pounds of pressuer.
PLUGED OR RESTRICTED JETS:  On pluged jets, the Gauge-B will read slightly higher, and Gauge-A will read slightly higher, then will fall back gradually as pump continues to run.
A restricted or partially plugged jet - both gauges will read slightly higher but the vacuum will not fall back, however, the pump will fall to pump up the correct amount of pressure.
PUMP FAILURE:  if Gauges A or B fail to show any pressure or vacuum reading, the touble should be inside the pump.
LOW WATER LEVEL:  When water level is pulled down below foot valve, Gauge-A will fall back to zero and Gauge-B will Surge until water rises in well; then gauges will work normally again untill water pulls down again.
LOOSING PRESSURE:  When pressure falls off in tank after pump cuts off and continues to do so until pump switch starts pump again and the service line is cut off, the water is possibly leaking into the will through the foot valve.