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Ruth-Berry Pump Installation
1. Set pump and tank on a solid foundation, a concrete slab or block.
2. Install Jet on suction pipes and connect to pump.  Clean out pipes thoroughly.
3. Prime pump to service out-let.
4. Connect wires from fuse box to pressure switch and check for correct voltage.
5. Connect service out-let. (For best results, use a  cut-off valve at tank)
6. Ground pump by attaching wire to one of the 4 motor mounting bolts and connect to pipe or rod driven  ground from 4 to 6 feet.
7. Install air volume control and snifter valve.  Leave cap on snifter valve and air line off.
8. Turn on power and allow pump to build up pressure and shut off.
9. If there are no leaks in connections, install air line.  Let the pressure off and allow pump to build up pressure again.  This time, the pump may run longer to equalize the air pressure in tank.